People drive organisations to succeed and in today’s fast-changing global economy, the HR function is becoming an increasingly important role if organisations are serious about attracting, nurturing and developing their talents to take businesses to the next dimension of greatness.

With an impressive track record of having partnered and supported business stakeholders in implementing HR solutions to meet the company’s business growth, Helen is definitely not a new kid on the block with HR-related matters.

Helen’s involvement spans across functionalities that include HR Processes, Talent Review, Coaching & Mentoring, Recruitment Strategies, Performance Management, Training & Development and Employee Engagement.

Get to hear the thoughts of this dynamic lady as she shares her views candidly on the revolutionary world of HR and how it has evolved since she joined the profession.

1. Tell me about yourself


I am an experienced regional Human Resource (HR) practitioner, who is always keen to learn from new experiences in different industries. Nothing is impossible is my motto.

Being in this HR field has brought me satisfaction seeing the talents that I have hired in the different organisations succeed in this e-new age economy. I’m keen to return to the HR arena where I can continue to contribute with my years of experience.

There is always an opportunity for me to learn something new in every interaction. I find joy in working with different levels of people from different backgrounds and there is never a dull moment in this field.

2. What is your greatest professional achievement?


I once coached and mentored an employee in his work knowledge and attitude, with my guidance, I saw him succeed in the work place. He had become an important key talent for the organization. This is essentially what I’ve always been passionate about, helping others achieve their best.

3. What is the most significant challenge you overcome at work?


Working with people has certain levels of the unknown, as each employee has his or her own personality and career aspirations.

I remembered having to work with a group of business leaders on implementing a new talent review process. During the first meeting, there was scepticism and disagreement amongst the leaders.

It was challenging and mind-boggling on why there was no initial buy-in from them. Nonetheless, I took the challenge up and with many groups and personal meetings with each of the leaders, I finally managed to influence.

We collaborated to implement this. My success in carrying out this project and ability to get the leaders on board is one of my personal achievements that I’m proudest of.

4. What is one philosophy you bring to work?


My philosophy is that every employee wants to excel in giving his or her best at work.

It is through the right nurturing and opportunity that we can provide to help him or she reach their potential in the organization. Together we will achieve success for us and the company – a win win.

5. Who influenced you the most in your career?


Singapore’s previous PM – Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and his determination to make a small unknown nation like Singapore into a first world country. It’s through his commitment and dedication to overcome challenging obstacles that saw Singapore become a prosperous and stable country.

These qualities he possessed are what I admire and strive to achieve. Likewise, I am driven, resilient and have the ability to manage the human resource strategy to reach the company’s goals.



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