An avid chess player, Edison Tan has been a strategic partner with Ingeus in his journey to re-enter the workforce after his contract completion.

Edison shows fast learning aptitude, picking up new skills and the adaptability to go beyond his comfort zone in exploring new career opportunities and is looking to bring his unique skills and diverse experiences.

He will add value by assisting an employer who treasures him through formulating appropriate strategies to meet the organisation’s mission and vision.


1. Tell me about yourself


Hi, I am Edison Tan, an MBA graduate, who is keen about organisation growth through people development and have had more than five years of experience in the private and public sector. Beyond managing employee retention in today’s economy where change is the only constant, people development is critical for ongoing success and ensure that companies continue to deliver significant value to its stakeholders.

As I was passionate to embark on a career either in human resource or strategic planning, I took on the role of a human resource manager at the National Council of Social Service where I handled various training and development functions.


2. What are you currently looking for?


One of my career aspirations is to resume my career in the public sector through a position that provides me with opportunities to contribute to a first-class public service through the provision of services that are of the highest quality.

This would also involve leading others to fulfil their roles effectively to meet an organisation’s mission and vision.


3. What is your greatest professional achievement?


My biggest professional accomplishment was the practical guidance of 3 administrative managers at NIE for about a year to provide human resource services to 12 Academic Groups even in the midst of pursuing my MBA.


4. What is one philosophy you bring to work?


One philosophy that I bring to work is the principle of first things first. This enables me to actually prioritise the various tasks that I am involved in and deliver quality work without compromises.


5. Who influenced you the most in your career?


My dad has influenced me the most in my career with the tenacity and leadership qualities that he demonstrates in his various organisations. This has and will continue to propel me in my future career endeavors.



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