The job search has gone beyond just a fanciful CV and grammatically correct cover letter.

It isn’t just about doubling or tripling down your existing efforts, which often lead to nothing.

In the new world of work, you need new tools and tactics to get the attention of the job market.

Here are eleven of them that you might be keen to learn about.


1. Find out job hotspots

JobTech Hotspot

JobTech Hotspot

Knowing where the jobs are would be crucial to the success of your job search.

And JobTech makes that so easy to know with a few clicks of the button.

Under the arm of Economic Development Innovations Singapore (where Chairman Phillip Yeo is currently at), JobTech is Singapore’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics company that aims to provide complete and accurate (duplicate job posts are detected and sifted out by JobTech’s proprietary natural language and text analytics technology) visibility of online jobs market around the world

Covering nine major industries in Singapore, it provides a bird’s eye view of where the jobs are, the top hiring companies and weekly changes to the total number of jobs.

Unlike a job aggregator, JobTech actually cleans the data. So if a company post the same job ten times over multiple job boards, it would still count as one.

JobTech also provides labour market intelligence through real-time analysis of thousands of job advertisements posted every day by employers.


2. What gets measured, gets improved

When you think about it, job searching is really a sales function.

Huntr job tracking board

Huntr job tracking board

And the product that you are selling is you.

For those who have been in sales, you would know how important it is to track the activities of your sales people because what they do daily will have a high level of influence on the revenue they bring in for the business when it comes to month end.

Huntr can do that for you.

Presented on a Kanban board, Huntr makes it really easy to track all your job applications and the different stages that they are at.

The original job description, the resume you polished for weeks, your detailed interview notes, the list of tasks you need to get to, and everything you need to know about each company. Everything about your applications is here.

Use the Chrome Extension to save jobs from any website and view them anytime in your Huntr board.

The extension works everywhere, from large job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to small startup career pages.


3. Bullseye job alert

Good recruiters use Boolean search extensively.

Hiretual boolean builder

Hiretual boolean builder

It is basically the construct of a search string that allows them to draw out very targeted search results.

But mastering Boolean can be complicated. You would know how complicated it can be when they use terms such as Boolean Blackbelt as a label for people who are really good in them.

An easier way is to make use of Hiretual.

Amongst the many things that Hiretual can do for recruiters, the most significant function they can offer to a job seeker is their boolean builder assistant.

You just need to pick the right expertise from the drop-down menu, and the boolean search string is automatically created for you.

The boolean string can then be copied and pasted into any job boards and aggregators.

Here are my search results on Indeed for enterprise sales openings with their recommended boolean search strings.


4. SEO your resume

Many companies have very small HR department.

Career Hero scan results

Career Hero scan results

One F&B company that I know of has 300+ headcounts.

Their HR department? A huge number of two.

And given that HR is beyond just recruiting, there would be a high level of reliance on tools like Applicant Tracking System to automatically rank job applications so that the recruiters only need to review the top 5% of the 500 applications.

Fortunately, most ATS are using basic keywords algorithm to rank applications.

Career Hero will help you to match the content of your CV against the job posting and inform you on the matching level.

If it is high (around 80 or more), you would have a higher chance of getting viewed by the recruiter. Anything lesser, the platform will indicate the keywords that are missing and would be significant to bring up the ranking.


5. CSI your interviewer

Most unsuccessful interviews end with a lot of what-ifs.

Crystal Knows Chrome Extension

Crystal Knows Chrome Extension

Glassdoor might be able to provide some insights into the kind of questions the interviewer might ask.

That’s assuming that the interview is going to be structured or some kind soul actually took the time to key them onto Glassdoor.

For many, how you “click” with the interviewer is far more important and plays a bigger part in their decision making.

Crystal generates personality insights for your contacts so you can write better emails, run better meetings, and improve your working relationships.

You can connect your Google Calendar and Crystal will send you a daily email with personality reports for all the members of your upcoming meetings.

It also comes with a Chrome Extension and shows you personality insights as you browse LinkedIn profiles and in Gmail as you read and compose messages.


Where’s the rest of the tips?

These would be revealed in our upcoming workshop that is centred on the same topic.

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