It is said that Accountants are bean counters.

More than a bean counter, Daisy is a Finance Professional capable of seeing beyond the numbers, providing high-level analytical reviews ensuring relevance to the business.

She is able to maintain strategic views on issues and at the same time, appreciate operational issues and their impact on accounting, financial management, and controls.

A self-starter and highly driven professional, Daisy has charted new grounds and taken on roles which she has not handled before and yet able to thrive in them.

Highly adaptable, Daisy has a breadth of experience working across the Healthcare, Real Estate and Technology industries.

She started her career in one of the Big Four as an Auditor and has had experience working in SMEs, MNCs (Asia Pacific and International Headquarters) and listed firms.

Daisy is not all work and no play.

In her spare time, she is a bead jeweler, delighting in creating jewelry for herself, friends and family.

Read on to find out more about her aspirations and what drives her.


1. Tell me about yourself?

I’m a wife/mother/bead jewelry artist/financial controller.

That last title provides me with a living.

I have been in the Finance industry for more than 25 years.

I’ve done a fair bit of finance work; from auditing with one of the big 4, day-to-day accounting with SMEs/MNCs/Regional and International HQ, budgeting & forecasting, tax reporting & planning, reporting & analysis, treasury & compliance.

I am comfortable with wearing many hats at the workplace especially when it involves people. I believe that people are the key to the success of any project, team, company. My focus throughout my career is on how to create a finance team that supports and works well together.

My leadership style can be likened to an elevator, where I go to the level where my staff is to bring them to a new level where they can see and appreciate the big picture. The shared vision will bring support and cooperation within the team.


2. What made you venture into Finance?

My late mom was the one who encouraged me to go into finance/commerce stream as it is the most pragmatic option opened to girls. I did well enough to get a place in the university and the rest was history.


3. What are you currently looking for?

I am looking for a company where I can add value to the business via financial analysis and reporting, good control and compliance and financial prudence.


4. Greatest professional achievement

I’ve had many professional accomplishments over the years. They’ve all given me great satisfaction. I was most satisfied in one of the companies where I’ve worked when I, through many hours invested, earned the trust and support of the Business Heads whom I’ve worked with, and in turn accomplished the smooth transition of the company’s accounting system from a locally based system to a global ERP system.


5. The most significant challenge you overcome at work

I was fairly junior when I was put into a role where I had 3 different divisions, more than 30 people reporting to me. I had to quickly learn how to build teams and motivate staff. I’ve made mistakes and learned a lot about people management. I’ve learned that you need to treat all with respect, always listen not lecture, and to set a good example. These skills benefited me throughout my career.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

My philosophy to work is very simple – to be happy.

We spend a lot of time at work. It only makes sense to be happy there. To achieve that, cooperation and harmony among colleagues who believe in what the company is doing and working towards a common goal are important.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

My biggest influence would be my husband. He is my strategist and biggest supporter throughout my career. I shared with him my problems at work and without fail, he provided a new perspective to how such problems can be solved.



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