With a distinguished career in manufacturing, that best describes him as a thought leader, Danny Lim decided to replicate the success in evolving areas of technology.

Before IoT (Internet of Things), mobile application development, cloud computing, 3D printing and big data analytics were pervasive in Singapore, Danny had envisioned a future for himself in this area.

Being a tenacious learner and reader, Danny started the journey in 2014, by taking up several specialist diploma night classes.

He approached projects that ensued with great gusto and passion like the IoT car park solution for the physically challenged drivers.

It was a well thought through and a well-meaning solution to help solve a persistent problem encountered by the physically challenged drivers – how to find the limited designated parking lot that is available, closest to the expected destination and meets his/her needs.

The completed cloud-based project employed IoT to help answer the call.

As he looks to embark on his new and exciting career, he is constantly sensing the technological environment to re-tune his knowledge and experience.

Read on to find out more about Danny…


1. Tell me about yourself?

I am a committed life-long learner who had embarked on Specialist Diplomas since 2014 to build exposure & literacy for digital technology.

I have 15+ years of manufacturing experiences, and other skills in procurement, vendor management, new product launches and managing business opportunities & process in services sales.

After my retirement, I would like to volunteer and give free tuition to primary school kids from underprivileged families to level the playing field for them.

2. What made you venture into digital technology?

I have many years of manufacturing experience in networking hardware and personal computer that produced many operational wins and millions of dollars in savings to the corporations.

Manufacturing built my ability to execute and to deliver things at the required time.

4 years ago, I was captivated by Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

I was ignited by the fact that digital technologies can improve lives and bring productivity to enterprises, among others.

My ability to execute and learn positioned me well in the digital space.


3. What are you currently looking for?

A project management role that delivers digital solutions to meet client’s business needs.

The promise of new technology and its benefits overshadows its disruptive impact to businesses and the workforce.

I believe my knowledge and my experience places me in a unique position to see the big picture, articulate the value and provide for a harmonized solution.


4. Greatest professional achievement

It was an incredible experience to launch personal computer industry’s first 3D imagery print on laptop LCD cover and that generated double-digit USD M profit annually for the company.

In addition, to be part of and contributed to two companies with world-class supply chain reputations.


5. The most significant challenge you overcome at work

One of the greatest work achievement: our corporation was the first in the personal computer industry to launch 3D imagery print on laptop LCD cover.

The supplier of this new technology gave my corporation exclusivity rights for a certain number of years.

Beyond this, the technology will be sold to our competitors, as a result, we were under time constraints.

I had the honour of being tasked as a program manager to lead this critical to the business effort.

Dealing with a new technology, there were chaos and ambiguities surrounding the manufacturing know-how.

Manufacturing quality issues and low yields were increasing production costs before the official launch.

I led my team to collect and analysed data to brainstorm root cause(s).

Our discipline to conduct further experiments, to collect data and to validate our findings paid off.

Quality issues dropped and we exceeded the quality goal.

The team bonded in this stressful environment.

Eventually, we were successful in launching this technology within the exclusive period.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

To accept diversities of ideas.

Galvanize & influence team towards one solution.

Among others, I practised this in the significant challenge mentioned above and it reaped success.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

John Chamber, the ex- CEO of Cisco used technologies to improve lives which, to him, was the most important business goal.

Inspired by him, I orchestrated a team to create an Internet of Things parking prototype to help physically challenged drivers to find the designated parking lot of their choice.

I engaged Tan Tock Seng Hospital and SG Enable for this effort.

This prototype made me realize the immense impact of technology for those who need it.

This project won a distinction in Temasek Polytechnic.


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