Skillful in business development and market growth, Davis instinctively reads a situation to understand the motivations and feelings of customers’ and chooses the right time by using personality, logic, persistence to get the best deal.  He is eloquent, clear, persuasive, interesting and always adept at capturing the interest of his audiences.

A silver-tongued rain-maker, who is usually successful when trying to persuade others to move from their original position towards or beyond compromise, like selling a melting red popsicle to a lady wearing a white fur coat.

Read on to find out more about Davis…


1. An overview of yourself

I am an assertive business developer packed with the capacity to convey information and gain buy-in as I often influence customers by helping them to take “bold & creative” action to improve performance in their digital print production line and R&D of the new product. Cross-functionally, most of my peers would view me as one who removes “tacky” issues and provides direction for the team, and to my superior, I am independent and able to give my best in all situations.


2. What made you venture into your latest function?

The fulfilment of my business development work mainly comes from solving challenges, being connected to respective needs in cross-functional coordination, and respond appropriately to improve the situation which allows stakeholders to organise and utilise their resources to optimal effect.


3. What are you currently looking for?

A business and market development role in other industry or product that allows me to thrive.


4. What is your greatest professional achievement?

Building up a Strategic Business Unit from scratch and enrolled key members into the execution of Go-To-Market strategy and strategic sales strategy that surpasses the no. 2 player in the market within one fiscal year as a business unit manager.


5. What is the most significant challenge you overcome at work?

That will be the experience of taking over the Philippines account for my previous company’s sign and display business. The year before I went on-board, the results were in red due to grey marketing, lack of insight, silo cultural and low-trust amongst distributor and channel partners.

As to overcome these challenges with effective implementation of new processes, the tearing down of silo and integration mechanism direct communication has to be in place ASAP for relational parties. The hard work was through the subsequent months of long hours work and travel between Hong Kong, Singapore, and within the Philippines to foster communication with accuracy and transparency, and to connect various touchpoint between customers, channel partners and local op’s co.

The effort of the team was paid off with cohesiveness and sound expansion of Philippines channel sales network, with a huge drop in grey marketing, deepening of the business relationship and eventually grew in results and performance.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

‘Whatever we do, work it with all our heart.’ Focuses on possibilities and solutions, and contribute heartily towards the best outcome and results we can achieve.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

I do not have any particular person in mind, as I believe that ‘everyone is our teacher, and every process is a learning moment whether in good or ill success’.

However, If I really have to think of someone that will be myself, as I believe that I am the master of my emotion and energy at work for better performance.



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