Dynamism, resourcefulness, eloquence, and tenacity are the hallmarks of Pauline’s personality.

These traits have served her well as she navigated across different industries honing her skills in areas of corporate strategy and planning, business development and sales development.

She is very personable and put you at ease. If there is one phrase to describe her career history, it would be “B2B Partnership Expert”.

Read more to find out what drives and inspires her as she seeks a new phase of career growth.


1. Tell me about yourself?

I have worked in the education and healthcare industry for most of my career, specialising in business development and account management.

I have been developing businesses while exploring local and international opportunities in the industry I was in.

During my time in the education sector, I focused on the expansion of industry partnerships, developing programs with international institutions, to find a common ground with the institution I represent.

I believe that regardless of the industry, the syllabus of education has to stay aligned with the employment demands in order for students to stay relevant to the labour market.

I also believe that learning is a constant process and there is always a constant renewal to develop oneself to impact our area of expertise to our peers and the future generations.


2. What made you venture into being an entrepreneur?

In my latest function, I managed an international project consultancy company.

This leveraged on my entrepreneurial skill and the international experiences over 6 continents where I have worked in my career.

This venture provided me with the opportunity to supervise people from various job functions and institutions, thus allowed me to push myself beyond just the technical skills I have but also to manage cross-cultural partnerships.


3. What are you currently looking for?

I am seeking a profession that allows me to employ my core competencies in business development or account management.

I do not have a preference in sectors or industry, however, I want to be in an industry that will stay relevant for years to come, as it will allow me to constantly challenge myself.


4. Greatest professional achievement

My greatest professional achievement would be the attainment of my PhD.

It was a 13-year drawn-out process and I faced many obstacles along the way.

A change of supervisor derails candidates, and due to the ever-changing evolvement of education, criteria for completion changed as well.

My PhD is in transdisciplinary studies of psychology and business towards developing a model for resilience in managers.

It furthers my interest in management, which is one of my passion – to understand and learn more about the intricacies of organisational behaviour.


5. The most significant challenge you overcome at work

One of my greatest challenges was trying to be present in several situations at multiple places.

One example was during the European crisis, I was working in UOB and was in charge of risk management for all European accounts.

A crisis in one country was so widespread that it would affect regional country risks.

My main goal was to assess the risk exposure and communicate this bank-wide.

Thankfully, I managed to network with our European contacts and stay in the forefront of regulatory interventions.

This was followed by communication of my findings and analyses internally and then to corporate and private banking clients.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

I am a strong believer in a hard day’s work. I am old school in that aspect as I believe that I will put my greatest effort in a task that I am assigned to.

I believe in thinking through all possibilities and am quite decisive in making a decision that would optimise the end result.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

I would describe the persona of individuals that I look up to, rather than to name a single one. The similarity with these individuals was that they are focused, confident and kind.

They were an epitome of competence and kindness.

These individuals shaped what I am, and what I hope to be in the future – to not only be competent in what I do but make decisions with an awareness of the dynamics, rather than focusing on a single outcome.



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