Angela is a driven and passionate Corporate Communications Professional with diverse experience from media broadcasting to public relations and marketing communications.

She has a very positive and progressive mindset, relentless in her pursuit of new knowledge to stay relevant.

Her depth of experience and strong media engagement has honed her ability to achieve over 80% success rate for media pitches.

You can expect a perfect pitch from Angela. Read on to find out more…


1. Tell me about yourself?

I started off my career as a journalist and later moved into corporate and marketing communications. I have worked in both agencies and corporate roles.

Working in agencies has given me exposure to working in different industries such as technology and telco, financial services, and real estate to name a few. Each industry has its own peculiarities in doing communications work.

Wherever applicable, I have applied best practices from one industry to another to increase the brand and reputation of the company while meeting their business objectives.

On the other hand, working in corporate roles has given me the depth to drill down and develop campaigns and implement plans from end-to-end.

Usually, this is not always possible in agencies as clients have very tight budgets nowadays and sometimes only gives you part of a full campaign to implement.

I have also had the fortune of working with colleagues and clients from Asia Pacific, the US, Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

This has given me a very good understanding of the different cultural sensitives and working styles while managing these important stakeholders.


2. What made you venture into corporate communications?

I started out as a journalist with MediaCorp and later moved on to Corporate and Marketing Communications roles. I find Communications to be more versatile in terms of requiring and developing a wider range of skills to carry out your job well.

This ranges from media pitching, strategic counsel to senior management, media training, messaging, issues and crisis management, event management and social media management.


3. What are you currently looking for?

I am seeking a regional role that allows me to use my skills and experiences to help companies build and enhance the value of their brand and reputation and meet their business goals through effective marketing and communications strategies.
Greatest professional achievement

Some of the greatest professional achievements have been helping clients develop thorough message maps and proof points from scratch. Sometimes, they would take the form of a workshop or even months to achieve because stakeholders would be in remote areas.

I then used these messages and proof points in strategic pitching to get them media interviews even if they didn’t have a completed or new product or service to announce.

Articles that resulted from these media pitches were very crucial as clients wanted to either dispel misconceptions about their brand or to target potential customers. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to help clients meet their business goals.


4. The most significant challenge you overcome at work

I worked in a company that had a complex structure and unclear reporting lines so communication among group companies and headquarters was not forthcoming.

The few times I flew down to their offices, I took the time to engage with my colleagues in group companies on a professional and informal level.

When I flew back to the Singapore headquarters, I called them often to understand what problems and issues they faced and helped them find solutions to problems.

For e.g. one issue was that nobody was sharing information even within a department at a group company. I took this opportunity to organise group calls and initiated a monthly newsletter.

With such a neutral setting, information was shared more easily.

The trust that was earned played an invaluable part when issues and crisis hit us. They helped me to assess the situation on the ground and gave me more accurate facts while I worked with stakeholders at Headquarters to gather information.

We worked closely and successfully together to manage various issues and address concerns with external stakeholders. This helped to contain reputation risks which could have serious implications for our financing, sales and brand.


5. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

It’s important to be resourceful in finding information so that it can help me to do my work effectively and also find solutions to issues and bring them to management’s attention.

One should never stop learning and be open to new trends and technologies that can help to refine whatever campaigns you are running and give you the best business impact.


6. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

My husband is a maverick thinker. Just listening to him finding solutions to difficult problems or even adopting intriguing initiatives at work, you wouldn’t think he is a civil servant.

Over the years, I’ve used him as a role model to always be a solutions provider, sometimes using innovative ideas to achieve business goals.

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