It is said that great leaders relish and seek responsibility and accountability.

They inspire confidence, win the hearts and minds of their team, and bring out the best in everyone.

Larissa is one such leader who ran a tight ship and was always ready to roll up her sleeves when problems surfaced.

Her staff knew that they could depend on her for clear direction and guidance.

The impact of her guidance and leadership left a significant imprint even after she left the organization.

Customers were particularly pleased when they knew that Larissa was in charge as they had great confidence in her and one less matter they would lose sleep over. Larissa’s fierce belief in tackling problems head on and meeting

Larissa’s fierce belief in tackling problems head on and meeting commitments required a strong oversight and an uncanny sense of the health on the ground.

Her persistent drive for improvement had seen significant savings in supply chain cost for the organization, increased customer loyalty, and value.

Read on to find out more about Larissa who was like a lighthouse guiding her team and customers during challenging times…


1. Tell me about yourself?

I’m a regional customer supply chain professional, specializing in the semiconductor industry.

I have 20 years of experience in strategic leadership and operations excellence. I led a team in customer service and supply chain operations across 13 countries in Asia Pacific.


2. What made you venture into supply chain function?

I started off my career as a process engineer, working in the manufacturing environment.

20 years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith and made a career switch to the frontline.

It was where I discovered my passion for customer service and supply chain function.

I enjoyed interacting with people, and it gives me tremendous joy.

I have never regretted my choice ever since and it was one of the best decisions I have made.


3. What are you currently looking for?

I am looking for Customer Support/Supply Chain Operation role, preferably at a leadership position where I can develop people through coaching and mentoring.


4. Greatest professional achievement

The greatest achievement of my career was becoming a supply chain professional, which gave me the eye-opening experience in leading a large and diverse team, at the same time, allowing me to gain cross-cultural exposure.


5. The most significant challenge you overcame at work

The year 2015 was an exceptionally challenging year for me and my team in Freescale Semiconductor Supply Chain organization as we were facing macroeconomic turbulence, unpredictable customer demand surges and major factory capacity constraints.

To help manage this, my company had ramped capacity quarter on quarter, made significant process improvements and redeployed staff to support the most critical areas.

A huge responsibility was resting on my shoulders as the Regional Customer Supply Chain Manager.

I supported around the clock customer calls, managing systems not designed for the heightened level of customer escalation and product allocation, handling multiple reworks of supply plans, and constant high-intensity request for product information and data from customers and internal clients.

For months, my team and I worked long hours in a stressful situation.

As a result of my leadership and my team’s perseverance, we avoided many customer’s productions down times since the start of the demand crisis, provided a consistent supply for customers while capacity solutions were implemented.

After the adversity, we received letters and compliments from many customers expressing their appreciation that my team has outperformed other suppliers during the crisis.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

One philosophy I bring to work is very simple – work smart, dream big and never give up.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

VP Customer Supply Chain at Freescale Semiconductors Inc. – Miss Labay trusted my capability and placed me in the Leadership pipeline development program at an early stage of my career with the company.

She personally coached and expanded my role from South East Asia to Asia Pacific/Japan region to prepare me for the next level of the position.

I had benefitted from all relevant development opportunities she had provided to promote my career progression, which I am very thankful to her till today.


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