Jeng Ngon is an individual with great skills and deep expertise of advanced business solutions.

His hands-on approach to General Management, Sales leadership, Account Management, Partnership and Alliances, Business Development, and strong personality won him the respect of the people reporting to him.

A pleasant, outgoing personality who always gets on well with others. Jeng Ngon will always be noticed and popular in a group.

A natural leader.

People tend to listen and follow his example and guidance without making an issue of leadership.

In all aspects of work, Jeng Ngon is not satisfied unless achieving the highest standards.

A motivated individual who works relentlessly to improve skills and knowledge, and the quality of work output.


1. Tell me about yourself?

I have worked in the technology sector across unified communications, data networking and GIS software applications for the most part of my career, specialising in business development and sales/account management.

I had the privilege of a highly enriching stay within the telecommunications industry where I not only gained an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving technology but also the rare opportunity to grow within the same company, pick up people management skills and leadership roles.

I believe in building sustainable success and we constantly need to learn and adapt to changes to build achieve this.


2. What made you venture into the software industry?

In my latest function, I was involved in selling software to communications and utility companies.

This was outside my comfort zone but I felt it was imperative I took this challenge to broaden my knowledge and experience.

Although this was an individual contributor role, it provided me with the opportunity to work with customers and partners from a different industry who had different challenges.

It was a steep learning curve in terms of picking up the necessary technical knowledge and how software business is contracted.


3. What are you currently looking for?

I am seeking a leadership position that allows me to employ my core competencies in business development, people management or account management, possibly in the technology or government sector where I can add value and make critical contributions by leveraging on my experience.

Aside from viewing this as the best way to continuously challenge myself, I hope this will give me the opportunity to add value and shape the future of the business.


4. Greatest professional achievement

If I must point out just one, then it must be the ability to juggle three-time zones (Asia, Europe and the US) daily while keeping the sanity within my workplace, family and achieving my MBA.

On top of the usual office hour activities and travels, I spent a large part of my time on conference calls that sometimes go into the wee hours.

In addition, I was taking up a part-time MBA which made attending classes and completing my assignments and dissertation a real challenge.


5. The most significant challenge you overcome at work

There were a few significant challenges that come to mind but the one on the top of the list was running a carved-out company based on limited backroom resources.

In my previous company, the parent company decided to divest their business in the Communications industry.

I took over the company at a time just after a round of layoffs and staff morale was low due to a lack of business direction and unpredictability of the new company’s survival since we were financially cut off from the main parent company.

The usual shared services support like Finance, Logistics, HR etc were all terminated and we had to manage these functions on our own.

Fortunately, we managed to not only survive the crisis but delivered results that surpassed the previous years’.

All these were down to the willingness of the staff willing to take on more responsibilities and dig in to ensure we succeed.


6. What is one philosophy you bring to work?

Nothing replaces hard work, passion and ownership.

I strive to bring my best game every day and I firmly believe in putting in my best for every task as I strongly subscribe to doing it right once.

I believe in forward-thinking, anticipation and out of the box creativity.

All possibilities need to be considered but once a decision is made, I will rally the troops to work towards the agreed objectives and goals.


7. Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

My career was heavily influenced by my immediate manager in my previous company back in the 90s and from both colleagues and customers that saw us through our darkest period.

From them, I learned to be analytical, patient, firm, focused, confident and most importantly humane.

The experience gained by working with these individuals helped mould and shape me into what I am – one who does not make hasty decisions and never take any person or situation for granted.


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