Vision & Values

Our Name & Logo

The name Ingeus is derived from ‘human ingenuity’ and ‘ingenious’ – the qualities reflected in our people and those we help in order for them to build on their strengths and capabilities and reach optimal independence.

Our Ingeus logo tells the story of our name; of individuals, businesses, and communities realising their potential.

  • The larger square represents our clients, customers or the community.
  • The smaller square is where they want to be.
  • The gap in between represents the sometimes-invisible bridge that has to be crossed to get people from where they are to where they want to be.
  • The six dots represent the small steps or milestones required to bridge the gap, and the people who help in that journey. Those steps are unique for every person.

Our Vision

A global team of innovative professionals of high integrity who are absolutely committed to being the best at assisting people into decent lasting jobs

Our Values