Recruitment made easy

We offer a range of recruitment and training services that leave you free to focus on making your business work.
Our recruitment service is cost-free to connect businesses with people who are looking for work.

Working with Ingeus means more than just saving money; we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service. We want employers to continue using our service again and again, so it’s in our interest to ensure we always deliver.

The right people for your business

We will only send you candidates who are well-prepared and suited to your vacancies. Our dedicated account managers thoroughly screen a large pool of candidates, focusing on their experience, skills and attitude, before putting the right people forward.

Since 2002, Ingeus has helped over 180,000 unemployed people to find lasting work. We work with thousands of businesses, across all industries, to recruit the right staff.

A personal relationship

A dedicated Ingeus Account Manager will take time to learn about your company ethos, staff benefits, practices and values before selecting candidates for your vacancies. They can also visit your sites and, if required, shadow staff.
We want to help you find the best people for your business. The more we know, the more we can help.

Supporting local communities

We have extensive experience of helping unemployed people into suitable, lasting jobs in the UK. We are the largest provider of the UK Government’s flagship back-to-work scheme, the Work Programme.

The impact of our work doesn’t stop with the individuals we support. It benefits whole families, communities, employers and economies.

By becoming partners with Ingeus to recruit quality candidates, businesses can demonstrate their own commitment to supporting local communities.

Preparing candidates

We deliver training that is tailored to your company to make sure candidates understand your specific needs.
After promoting your vacancies, we can arrange open days at our premises where interested candidates can learn more about the roles and we can determine their suitability.

A focus on staff retention

We work closely with candidates before they start work so we have an excellent understanding of the roles that they are suited to. This understanding, and our focus on finding lasting employment for our clients, means we only put forward the candidates we think are right for you.

As part of our commitment to employers, we can also provide ongoing post-placement support if required including preparing for internal interviews, and development of a long-term career plan.

Engage the employer servicing team

Our specialized team of advisers will be ready and awaiting for your outreach to begin the journey of partnership and corporate social responsibility.

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