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Polaris by Ingeus

Elevate your career

Get the guidance and advice you need to progress in your current career. Polaris by Ingeus Singapore, delivered in partnership with Workforce Singapore offers a transformative journey of career discovery and self-awareness. The programme is designed to help you understand your career profile, create a tailored career action plan and empower you to make informed decisions that will help shape your future success.


Guiding you to better opportunities

Partner with a qualified career coach who will guide you in gaining deeper insights into yourself and your career. Identify the skills you’ve developed through years of work experience, define your career goals, and establish a clear pathway forward. Whether upskilling in your current career or transitioning to a new one, our coaches offer the support you need to make informed decisions about your future. With a focus on resilience and wellbeing, we ensure you’ll stay productive and satisfied at work for years to come.

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Designed for people currently employed, our programmes are:


Programme can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Value for money

Access professional coaching for a small fee thanks to the support of Workforce Singapore.

Professional growth focussed

Get the skills you need to progress in your career.

Based on our proven track record

We’ve successfully helped over 7000 Singaporeans over the last 6 years achieve their career goals.

Expert led and globally informed

Our career coaches are accredited, experienced professionals delivering content crafted by our global team of industry leading instructional designers.

Delivered on a cutting-edge microlearning platform

Our online educational system delivers bit-sized, interactive learning modules to facilitate efficient and flexible learning.


Success stories

Meet some of the people who have transformed their careers with the support of our career guidance and coaching programmes.


4 simple steps to get started with Polaris by Ingeus Singapore

1. Enquire

Enquire now and we’ll contact you to get started.

2. Select

We’ll discuss your goals and help you choose which programme is right for you.

3. Eligibility

We’ll confirm your eligibility for the programme.

4. Commence

You’ll meet your coach and start your career journey.


Choose your Polaris by Ingeus Singapore Programme

We offer two programmes to cater to your unique needs and support your mid-career goals.

Career Discovery

$43.60 (inclusive of GST)

Evaluate your career health, set realistic goals and develop strategies for success.

Programme inclusions:

  • 2 week programme
  • Skills assessments and goal setting
  • One-on-one coaching: 2 x sessions with your career coach
  • 4 x hours self-paced learning

Career Health Check and Planning

$98.10 (inclusive of GST)

Comprehensive coach-led support to evaluate your skills, set goals and develop an action plan, improve wellbeing and build resilience and facilitate successful role or career transitions.

Programme inclusions:

  • 2 month programme
  • Skills assessments to gain insights into your strengths and areas of development
  • Define your career goals and develop a personalised action plan
  • Tools for improving wellbeing and building resilience
  • One-on-one coaching: 8 x sessions with your career coach
  • Advice and industry insights from our Employer Servicing team
  • 10 x hours self-paced learning

Are you eligible for the programme?

The Polaris by Ingeus Singapore programme, provided in partnership with WSG, is available for all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore, who are currently employed. Eligible applicants cannot have attended a Polaris programme previously.


Why choose Ingeus Singapore?

6 years

Since 2017 Ingeus Singapore has been empowering Singapore’s workforce with our employment programmes.

7,000+ people

Over the last 6 years we’ve helped more than 7,000 Singaporeans find long-term meaningful employment.

Qualified coaches

Our coaches are experts in their field, holding degrees and certifications in career coaching with specialisations ranging from MBTI to NLP and more.

Trusted partner

We are a trusted partner of Workforce Singapore, SG Enable, SkillsFuture Singapore and Yellow Ribbon Singapore.


Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or want to learn more contact our friendly team today.

The Polaris programmes delivered by Ingeus Singapore are being supported by Workforce Singapore for eligible participants.

There is a small fee that you will be required to pay upfront before commencement of the programme.

To verify your eligibility for the programme you will be required to complete and sign a registration form that declares your current employment status and allow us to sight your NRIC or Singpass.

Ingeus has developed a suite of self-paced, online micro learning resources that facilitate the program goals.

Your coach will guide you through modules including career and self discovery, personal strengths, values, skills, motivations, and self awareness.

The learning content is stimulating and varied supported by a Career Discovery Workbook and Career Action Plan.

Your coach will work closely with you to facilitate actions and goals.

Our experienced coaches use positive psychology assessments to take a strengths-based approach to understanding and supporting our clients on their career journeys.

Exploring areas such as character strength, optimism and satisfaction they are valuable in helping promote personal growth, fostering resilience and enhancing wellbeing.

You can choose between virtual or face to face sessions for personalised guidance.

Face-to-face sessions will take place at our offices at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

The PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) consent form is an integral part of our onboarding process.

By signing this form, you give us consent to securely hold and process your personal data.

This ensures compliance with data protection regulations and allows us to provide our services effectively while safeguarding your privacy.

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