Personalised career journey

We will partner you on your journey as you discover and reinforce your innate abilities, reskill and upskill to create new, fulfilling career pathways.


Your journey

Career Matching Services consists of a total of seven steps. Each step of the journey is unique to each individual, providing personalised service.

Starting with career matching services

At this appointment, you will meet your Ingeus Advisor who will find out more about you, tell you more about the programme, explain the support that is available and creates a personal plan for you.


Personalised support to help you find long lasting work

Ingeus can provide you with the following support, depending on your personal requirements:

  1. One-to-one support from an Employment Advisor
  2. Advice on job searching, CV writing and interview skills
  3. Workshop programs that help you find job opportunities
  4. Vacancies that are exclusive to Ingeus clients
  5. Use of computers and phones to find and apply for jobs

Continued support when you are in work

Our support doesn’t stop once you have found a job. Ingeus’s In Work Support Team will stay in touch with you regularly for up to 6 months after you’ve started work. We can support you to:

  1. Apply for in-work benefits
  2. Deal with work-related issues
  3. Develop your career
  4. Find appropriate training

Keen to engage our career matching services?

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