Career Retention Support for Ex-offenders – in partnership with
Yellow Ribbon Singapore

At Ingeus, we believe in second chances and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

As a contract vendor with Yellow Ribbon Singapore, we offer Career Retention Support for ex-offenders.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive support to help you not only retain employment, but also thrive in your role.

Breaking barriers, building futures

Our programme is designed to cater to your needs and provide career retention support to help you transition into the workforce including:

  • A dedicated case manager
  • Regular check-ins and on-site visits
  • Engaging with your employer to help ensure a smooth transition
  • Personalised career guidance
  • Support to address challenges or barriers that might affect work
  • Providing skills development and training
  • Job search assistance for new opportunities

Our dedicated case managers are here to work with you to help progress your career and develop skills through training and lifelong learning opportunities. We are here to help you succeed by helping you keep your job and retain employment into the future.

What happens when you are offered Career Retention Support by Yellow Ribbon Singapore?

1. Getting started

After we receive a referral from Yellow Ribbon Singapore, you’ll be matched with a case manager who will reach out to you and your support network to understand your needs and goals.

2. Career guidance and support

Your case manager will help you explore your skills and career goals to develop a personalised career map. They’ll conduct onsite visits, provide advice and guidance, and help you address any employment-related challenges.

You’ll also have access to exclusive resources and tools to support ongoing growth and resilience.

If you lose your job or are seeking new opportunities, we’ll provide job search support to help secure your next role.

3. Career progression

Your case manager will help you explore career progression and future career paths and identify any opportunities for skills and training to help you get there.

Find out more

If you are an ex-offender seeking employment assistance or an employer keen on partnering with Yellow Ribbon Singapore, you may reach out here.

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